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  • Phone showing doctors with online star ratings

    7 Ways Non-Acute Providers Can Boost Their Online Reviews

    Providing quality healthcare is not enough to ensure happy patients. Today’s patients expect a good experience from the time they book an appointment to when they leave the ...

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  • doctor talking to patient

    Modernize Your Patient Booking Strategy to Avoid No-Show Missed Appointments 

    Booking and changing a doctor’s appointment has never been easier than in today’s digital age. Yet nearly one-third of appointments are no-shows, which affects the continuum of ...

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  • Salmon being cooked in a bag using sous vide method

    Sous Vide Will Change the Way You Think About Serving Food

    Food service providers looking to rebound from the pandemic, open a new kitchen or offer a wider menu can do so with less labor and more streamlined operations than a ...

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  • Salmon in bag for sous vide cooking

    Step Inside a Sous Vide Kitchen

    Sous vide is a hot trend in food service. It allows commercial kitchens to have 50% less staff, 70% reduction in cooking times and 0% waste. An assembly methodology to cooking ...

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