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  • Chef packaging high end food for delivery

    Senior Living Facilities Take a Fresh Approach to Food Service

    Delivery kitchens make and deliver food on demand to residents of senior living facilities. With this ghost kitchen model, facilities can appeal to residents by offering food ...

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  • Chef cooking at walk up windows

    Hospitality Companies Can Tap New Revenues With Ghost Kitchens

    Ghost kitchens are a hot trend in the food service industry. Are they the lifeline hospitality companies still reeling from COVID-19 need to recover lost revenues? Probably. ...

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  • nurse wearing PPE

    Solutions to the Ongoing Non-Acute Labor Shortage

    The healthcare workforce is not large enough to meet current and future demand. The COVID-19 pandemic is partially to blame. This infographic highlights the labor issue and how ...

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  • needles surrounding vial

    Novaplus Mitigates the Challenge of Drug Shortages

    Drug shortages usually result in escalating costs and can compromise care. Provista’s Novaplus program offers a solution with a dedicated inventory of branded and generic ...

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