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  • Woman sitting at desktop computer and next to printer, planning

    Beat the Crunch: The Importance of Long-Term Supply Chain Planning

    Supply chain shortages and disruptions are causing problems for non-acute healthcare facilities and other organizations. Facilities cannot provide high-quality care if they’re ...

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  • Woman shopping at grocery store

    How Different Generations View and Act on Food Sustainability

    Find out what’s important to Gen Zers, millennials and other generations when it comes to food sustainability. You might be surprised to discover which demographics are most ...

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  • Login screen on fish hook

    Prevent Phishing and Healthcare Ransomware Attacks in Your Non-Acute Facility

    A phishing email can unleash ransomware in a facility. If anyone in the organization clicks on it, ransomware can freeze a company’s data until a fee, or “ransom,” is paid. ...

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  • Chef and sous chef in the kitchen planning menu

    How a GPO Helps Hospitality and Non-Acute Facilities Fight Back Against Food Price Inflation

    Rapid inflation and rising costs are restricting profits for organizations that serve food to customers or patients, including hospitality companies and non-acute facilities. ...

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  • Group of millennials taking a group photo

    How Millennials View, Consume and Influence Healthcare in Today’s Environment

    Compared to other generations, millennials want more virtual care and mental health services, yet many of them don’t have a primary care physician. What may be most surprising ...

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