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Solis Mammography Achieves Unified Supply Chain and Streamlined Operations Enterprise-Wide

May 26, 2021
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Solis Mammography was founded on the belief that by focusing exclusively on breast health and advocating for early detection, patients could achieve significantly better outcomes. Today, Solis Mammography is the largest independent provider of mammography and breast health services in the country.

When David Pyle joined the leadership team as Chief Operating Officer, he recognized the need for broadscale transformation that aligned with corporate objectives around growth,and set goals to improve procurement processes and build an infrastructure. “We were delivering the highest quality patient experience at our centers, yet lacked the infrastructure to support our goals of standardization, alignment and enterprise-wide visibility,” he says.

Specific challenges included:

  • Relationships with multiple GPOs and distributors caused fragmentation
  • Centers operated independently, without product, price or process consistency
  • No collective visibility to purchase volume and trends
  • Lack of dedicated supply chain resources to manage performance and report outcomes

By partnering with Provista experts, Solis Mammography was able to define a vision of their desired state, identify and analyze options, and ultimately, implement enterprise-wide solutions.

Nearly 100 centers now leverage a fully customized supply chain solution, including a dedicated outsourced procurement team, software to support requisitioning, ordering, receiving and AP, and ongoing best practice-driven processes, including fast and efficient on-boarding of new facilities.

Building Strategic Relationships

Pyle set a course to build an infrastructure enabling greater consolidation, efficiency, scalability and visibility. The first step was to move from multiple GPOs to Provista and with a relationship established, leverage this foundation beyond traditional GPO services and identify solutions that would operationalize Pyle’s vision. Together, Pyle and a cross-functional Provista team began to design, build and implement an infrastructure to support the supply chain needs of the organization.

The Provista team immediately set about a two-part task: initiating a bid for a single source medical supply distributor and evaluating technology solutions that could support enterprise-wide procurement. To identify a national distributor, the team collected Solis’ purchase history data, solicited requests for proposals from multiple distributors, analyzed bids and presented final results that allowed Solis to make an informed decision, selecting a single organization for nationwide distribution.

Simultaneously, the team worked through an evaluation of technology solutions that could support a centralized procurement platform and streamline functionality, while providing visibility into all of Solis’ centers. Following thorough evaluations, Envi® supply chain software was selected, based on its flexible, modular approach, affordable cost structure, ease of use, and scalability that supported both corporate requirements, as well as individual centers’ needs for requisitioning and facility-level management.

Throughout the process, Solis utilized a dedicated, interim supply chain lead from Provista Advisory Services to spearhead enterprise-wide coordination and consolidation initiatives. With the new foundation established, attention shifted to creating the most efficient, ongoing supply chain management function. Options included building and managing an in-house supply chain group or outsourcing the functions to the dedicated Provista Procurement Solutions team. Ultimately, Pyle elected the latter and worked with Provista to implement a full-service procurement solution for Solis. With this approach, Solis could benefit from a scalable team of experts, utilizing Envi software to support the enterprise infrastructure, while continuously improving supply chain best practices.

“Today, we have enterprise-wide reporting, an approved, centralized formulary with easy ways for centers to manage requisitioning, and importantly, a team committed to supply chain advancement. Our processes are so well-established that follow-up and redirection is easy.”

Centralized Resources, Sustained Performance

The vision of consolidation, visibility, and efficiency, along with sustainable process management, was realized through the dedicated Procurement Solutions team. “Our outsourced team not only brings oversight to corporate supply chain processes, but also continuous cost reduction and ongoing improvements,” says Pyle. “Today, we have enterprise-wide reporting, an approved, centralized formulary with easy ways for centers to manage requisitioning, and importantly, a team committed to supply chain advancement. Our processes are so well-established that follow-up and redirection is easy. New centers can be quickly on-boarded with no lag time, and they’re immediately included in enterprise-wide reporting with visibility to spend and key performance metrics throughout Solis.”

Procurement Solutions team best practices support:

  • Order management services to ensure supply availability, product and price substitutions, ongoing formulary management
  • Envi oversight for continuous supply ordering and back-order management
  • Enterprise-wide requisitioning and receiving processes
  • Automated AP processes for 3-way price matching
  • Vendor performance and management

“The outsourced procurement team continually collaborates to identify new solutions, then communicates and implements them throughout the organization,” says Pyle. “For example, during COVID-19, as we faced severe product shortages, our team shifted to get supplies to centers that needed them – creating new supply locations, identifying new product alternatives, locating new vendors, and negotiating the best available pricing for essential supplies. In making ongoing improvements, we’ve recognized the importance of change management. It’s vitally important we communicate effectively with our centers and keep them up-to-date, in turn helping keep our organization aligned.”

Supply Chain Results Spark organizational success

Pyle’s vision for broadscale transformation achieved success factors beyond cost savings. Solis recognizes significant savings and new value measurements, for example during the first year of the partnership, Provista implemented savings toSolis of 28% in evaluated areas. In addition, during the course of the partnership, Provista has tracked more than $110,000 in additional financial value through rebate dollars, cost avoidance, and improved terms and conditions.

Solis continues to measure significant savings in a variety of areas:

  • Narrowing distributed med-surg item master by 36%
  • Reducing number of days for receiving and invoice payment
  • Increasing visibility to expenses at organization and facility level
  • Driving end-to-end process automation, enabling on-going labor savings
  • Creating access to best-in-class price points through an aggregation network and management of local contracts and prices
  • Achieving long term value with an outsourced procurement expert team
Partnership at its Best

As Solis continues to achieve new levels of savings and performance, Pyle acknowledges the ongoing relationship with Provista supports achievement of corporate goals, related to supply chain and beyond. “We’re thrilled with the savings, improvements and overall results of our supply chain transformation. What’s equally important is that we’ve standardized our patient experience throughout our nationwide centers. We’re committed to delivering exceptional quality and outcomes to our patients,” he explains. “Partnering with Provista has helped Solis maximize our internal resources, so we can deliver consistently positive experiences and the highest quality patient care.”

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