Stabilize. Adapt. Evolve.

Redefining the Future

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Stabilize, adapt and evolve chart increase.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges to health care providers. These challenges require unprecedented speed and results. Provista is positioned to help you navigate changes and overcome new barriers.

Together, with the other members of the Vizient family of companies, we continue to stand by you. We offer resources and tools that help support the adjustment to the the new normal in today's rapidly changing conditions. 

Vizient, Sg2, Provista, Aptitude is the Vizient family of companies.

navigating the new normal

  • Bar balancing on a triangle with two circles on top, symbolizing stability.


    The first step is to stabilize your financial situation by focusing on reducing costs, improving supply chain reliability, reigniting revenue engine, and ensuring quality.

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    Next, adapt to the new market normal by lowering cost base, redesigning care delivery, mitigate risks, and cultivating reliability.

  • Light bulb turned on, symbolizing evolving with new ideas.


    Finally, evolve to ensure your long-term success when you improve margin, reimagine System of CARE, transform clinical quality, and achieve high reliability operations.

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Vizient provides solutions and services to improve the delivery of high-value care.



The industry's premier authority on health care insights and market analytics.

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Leveraging technology and analytics, aptitude simplifies the health care supply chain.