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May 12, 2022
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According to a survey, 78% of people spring clean each year, and that same percentage say on a typical day, their home isn’t as clean as they want it to be. Provista can help with savings on every aspect of spring cleaning, including home cleaning services, carpet cleaning and hauling away junk. 

For some, spring is the perfect time of year to undertake or finish home improvement projects, such as painting rooms or replacing kitchen appliances. It’s also the time of year when many people make a commitment to eat better and get in shape for the summer.
Regardless of what you want to achieve with home improvement, exercise or healthier eating, the Provista Employee Savings Program can help you save. The program, available through an app, can be used by Provista members and their families to access more than 300,000 offers.


A fresh coat of paint is a quick and easy way to give a room a facelift. It’s a common do-it-yourself (DIY) project for homeowners, even those without any home improvement experience. “Around 55% of US homeowners have painting the house on their to-do list,” notes DIY statistics.

Most rooms can be painted in a day or two, and the project can make a dramatic impact. With the Employee Savings Program, members can save 15% on paints and stains from Sherwin Williams. The savings extend beyond paint, too. Discounts apply to paintbrushes, rollers and the other painting supplies DIYers need. Want some painting tips? offers step-by-step instructions and videos to ensure you achieve professional-looking results. The site also has information on painting different surfaces, creating a focal point and choosing colors.


The average American home has nine DIY jobs that need to get done, according to recent statistics. For those who want to hire a pro, home improvement companies offer local discounts, such as $500 off any job over $5,000, zero interest for 18 months or 10% off windows and siding.
DIYers who want to save money by tackling projects themselves can see even greater savings by buying products through the Provista app. For example, Nelson Cabinetry offers 10% off kitchen and bathroom cabinets, lets you save 5% on all orders and for outdoor projects, you can take 5% off your purchase from Fire Pit Plaza.

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Whether your dishwasher or washing machine conks out or you want to replace your appliances as part of a larger whole-room remodel, you can enjoy 25% savings from GE Appliances. The discount applies to water softeners and water filtration systems too.
You can also save big on small appliances, like coffee makers, food processors, immersion blenders and more. If you need an appliance that plugs in, you can probably find it for less through the app.


The key to successful DIY projects is having the right tool, and good tools aren’t cheap. However, you can save with Provista. For example, you can buy a lithium-ion high-output battery pack for Milwaukee tools at a $40 discount. You can also access great deals on a wide range of tools through, via the Provista app.
If you prefer to rent tools, the app has deals for those too. Gil-Con Tool Company offers 10% off tool rentals of $100 or more. If your projects involve working on your vehicle, you can buy hand tools from NAPA Auto for 10% less. 

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Few things are more disconcerting in a home than finding out you’re sharing it with rodents, termites or other unwanted pests. Sometimes identifying how they got into the house and preventing them from returning requires a professional pest control or termite company.
To that end, through the app, Accurate Termite & Pest Control offers 50% off the regular price of any pest control service with a one year contract. Other companies offer deals such as $65 off quarterly pest control services. Select exterminators also offer deals in their local areas, like $50 off any service or a free home inspection.

Maintaining a healthy diet and developing a regular eating routine can be challenging for busy lifestyles. It’s hard to find time to prep and cook meals every day and still make them taste good. One solution is to buy from a service like Blue Apron, which delivers fresh ingredients and chef-designed recipes to your door.
You simply follow the step-by-step directions for great-tasting meals. Each recipe tells you how long it’ll take to cook and everything you need to make the meal. Blue Apron also offers healthy food options. You can take $28 off each of your first four deliveries when ordering through the app.

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Whether you want to workout at home or a health club, you can get in shape for less money. For example, the Active&Fit Direct program lets Provista members and their families join any of its more than 11,000 fitness centers and studios for $25 per month. Or join Anytime Fitness for $1 and get a free training session. For those who prefer yoga, you can save 20% on virtual yoga classes from Honor Yoga.
If you’re interested in nutrition or muscle building supplements, 5 Star Nutrition lets you take 12% off your total order, plus free shipping, when ordering online.

These are just a few of the myriad savings opportunities that are available. Some offers are for a limited time only and others change throughout the year, so check the app regularly. You can also find exclusive deals in your area that aren’t offered nationally. No matter where you go or what you’re looking to buy, it’s worth your time to check the app for savings first. 
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“No matter where you go or what you’re looking to buy, it’s worth your time to check the app for savings first. ”

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