7 Ways to Improve Your Healthcare Facilitys Curb Appeal

November 19, 2021
Landscaper laying out fresh grass

Curb appeal, which is the attractiveness or aesthetic appeal of a building from the street or parking lot, is important to create inviting, positive and lasting impressions for patients and their families visiting your facility. Too often, non-acute healthcare providers focus on their care services and office interior, and end up neglecting the exterior.

The exterior’s appearance, from the parking lot area to the front entrance, helps shape the overall patient experience. Patients notice curb appeal—it sometimes influences how they rate facilities online and how they view your facility. 

According to a story, curb appeal also influences customers’ and potential customers’ preferences:

  • 95% of customers say a store’s exterior swayed their choice of where to shop. 
  • 2/3s said they did not visit a store because of how it looked from the street. 
  • 70% of first-time sales hinged on curb appeal.

Although the stats are a few years old and apply to retail, they can be applicable for today’s non-acute healthcare providers, too.


Facilities can make their entrances more inviting and even safer without spending a lot of money, and they can expect a high return on their investment. Here are seven ways:

1. Have visible signage

Easy-to-see signage is especially important for new patients and for facilities that move to a new location. Noticeable signage allows people to quickly recognize the clinic from the street when driving, walking or riding.

A second benefit is to advertise your business. The sign could attract new patients. It should be in a highly visible place, using a design that’s easy to read. If your sign is old, fading or missing a letter or two, it’s time to update it.

2. Ensure patients see a safe entrance

Patients need a barrier-free entrance, especially those with limited mobility. This entails more than providing an accessible entryway. For example, large gaps in the sidewalk, or uneven and cracking concrete, are not only unsightly but they can also pose a tripping or other type of safety hazard. Facilities should also be sure to promptly remove snow, ice, leaves and debris throughout the day or as needed during the autumn and winter seasons. Slick surfaces can be dangerous.

Adding outside seating, like an attractive bench, can be inviting to patients and offers a place to wait before appointments. It also provides a place for family members to wait, which is a nice benefit for those who are not allowed in, or don’t feel comfortable in, the waiting room due to pandemic restrictions. Clinics looking for comfortable seating can start by contacting Provista supplier Exemplis.

3.  Increase visibility with exterior lighting

Appropriate lighting can help provide a safe entrance. It also has two additional benefits, which are better visibility and ambience.

Establish the proper lighting scheme and patterns, with lights in strategic locations, to enhance a facility’s appearance and beauty by showcasing the entrance, the facility’s name and any landscaping features. In addition, the lights illuminate pathways and parking to help patients get to their vehicles when it’s dark.

4. Provide greenery

A green, well-manicured lawn is inviting to patients and visitors, and shows the facility values its environment. Taking the time to irrigate the lawn and any trees results in a healthy looking landscape. Keep any bushes trimmed and maintained to show they are cared for.

Consider adding colorful, vibrant flowers or plants near the entrance to spruce up the area. Featuring flowers in portable planters or garden beds is a great way to incorporate the beauty and aroma of foliage, and you can move or rotate them as needed. Even basic curb appeal landscaping features, like a flowerbed or short retaining wall with brickwork, adds character, color and visual appeal. Provista supplier Brightview can help facilities with landscaping services including commercial landscaping design and building, tree care, water features and more. 

5. Have a clean, easy-to-operate front door

The front door may be the most visible part of your business. Every patient uses it, yet it’s in danger of being neglected. With so many people touching it throughout the day, facilities need to regularly clean it, especially during the pandemic. Plus, patients gain peace of mind when they see you cleaning the door.

If the door is glass, keep it smudge-free and clear. If it’s another material, keep it painted or maintained. Finally, ensure the door is easy to open with no obstacles and has an operational electric assist button for those who need the door to automatically open. Avoid having a door that’s heavy to pull and therefore difficult to open.

6. Maintain the building’s exterior

Your facility’s exterior should be tidy, with siding and trim painted and well maintained. Address any damage after storms or other exterior issues that occur over time. Sometimes, even something as basic as scraping peeling paint on trim and giving it a fresh coat of paint can make a big difference.

Wash windows regularly. Having clean windows is appealing and allows natural light inside the building. And don’t forget the parking area. Recoating a fading blacktop parking lot and repainting the lines can breathe new life into it. HD Supply, which is a Provista supplier, offers a broad range of tips and products to help with outdoor maintenance and improving curb appeal.

7. Keep the environment litter free

Seeing trash or debris in the parking area or on the lawn is a huge turnoff. Some trash will be wind-blown into the parking lot or against the building, so it’ll need to be picked up. Other times, patients or visitors may litter.

Offer a trash receptacle for people to dispose of their garbage. Instead of putting ugly, grimy trash cans near the entrance, use containers that are neutrally colored or even attractive.

“Inexpensive yet high-impact projects can improve your facility’s curb appeal, giving new patients a strong first impression of your facility and shaping existing customers’ perception.”


You can choose from a variety of curb appeal ideas to improve your facility’s look and aesthetics. Stand outside your facility and imagine being a first-time patient. Is there anything you’d want to change or improve?

Many curb appeal projects are inexpensive, maybe a few hundred dollars, and offer significant ROI. An attractive entrance and landscape help set the mood and improve patient satisfaction before they even enter your facility.

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