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With Provista Procurement Solutions, our experts can manage all of your procurement processes from start to finish.  By utilizing our team of specialists and our industry leading materials management software, Envi®, members can gain visibility into spend across all their locations, reduce labor costs, and drive product and contract compliance.

Our team is an extension of your workforce, notifying you of irregularities and resolutions as well as up to date analytics. Turn to Provista for best practices on product standardization across single and multiple sites, increase your control over product prices and achieve maximum savings. 

  • Creating and maintaining your item master for clean, accurate purchasing data
  • Maintaining all contract information within Envi software platform
  • Automating updates to items added or removed from GPO contracts
  • Monitoring new and expiring contracts
  • Maintaining local contracts
  • Ensuring correct pricing through order placement and confirmation with suppliers
  • Resolving all pricing disputes and retrieving credits from suppliers
  • Reviewing items in inventory on an ongoing basis
  • Establishing one inventory number for multiple items to help with standardization, price parity, and contract compliance
  • Aligning system-wide product purchases through the enforcement of an approved product formulary
Cost Savings
  • Accessing improved prices through aggregation
  • Reducing waste and improving inventory control through product formulary
  • Decreasing cost associated with staff time focused on contract administration tasks
  • Identifying new saving opportunities through ongoing cross reference reports analyzing items on and off GPO contracts

Provista Procurement Solutions are technology wrapped in services. With an innovative in-house materials management software and a dedicated purchasing team, members see savings across their entire system. 

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“Provista came in and helped us tremendously with building items in the Envi® system and maintaining the system on a day to day basis. That included maintaining system descriptions, on-spec classifications and categories of items as well as adding contract information such as expiration dates and removing duplicates.”

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