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February 18, 2013

Managing Tough Challenges with Maximo

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Managing Tough Challenges with Maximo

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Despite the uncertainty regarding the global economy, and the maturing of the computerized maintenance management system/enterprise asset management (CMMS/EAM) software industry, companies from every sector continue to upgrade, replace or buy new asset management software applications.

This is especially true for asset-intensive industries because of the pressure to better manage ever-increasing asset lifecycle costs, while at the same time, increasing the quantity and quality of production through greater asset reliability and performance. Another key driver appears to be the growing demands of regulatory bodies that seek tighter controls, greater accountability, and more detailed data capture and reporting.

Many senior management teams have come to the realization that,  given the aging workforce being replaced across North America with younger, less experienced technical resources, modern knowledge management tools such as a CMMS/EAM are critical to help smooth the transition.

These tools retain much of the knowledge lost when technicians and other maintenance staff retire or leave, for example, standard operating procedures and job plans, failure analysis data, diagnostic techniques and a complete asset history. Furthermore, younger technical resources have come to expect these tools, and are comfortable and proficient in their use.

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