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IBM Intelligent Operations Center (IOC)

Intelligent Operations Center

Every day, cities around the globe face emergencies that require real-time communication and collaboration across departments and agencies. Unfortunately, critical information is often stored in multiple disparate systems. This hinders situation awareness and makes it difficult for various departments to coordinate response efforts. A city might not be able to warn residents of danger or rescue people quickly without a single, integrated view of a crisis and the ability to share information.

The Intelligent Operations Center is designed to address these challenges. Integrating multiple best-of-breed solutions from the IBM software portfolio (including IBM’s Approved Partner Solutions), the Intelligent Operations Center solution offers:

  • Advanced collaboration, analytics and asset management tools to help city agencies coordinate disaster-response efforts and enhance the ongoing efficiency of city operations.
  • Executive dashboards that give decision makers a real-time, single view of operations. Now they can see who and what resources are needed and available.
  • Cities the ability to share information instantly across agency lines to accelerate crises response and improve project coordination.
  • Visibility into key performance indicators (KPIs) and trends, helping to fine-tune current resource usage and plan for the future.

Provista’s PR*VIDE solutions are integrated into the IOC to give you the Public Safety Asset Management tools you need.


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