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Using Technology to Increase Visibility, Improve Efficiency and Reduce Costs.

Asset Management tools can mean the difference between making or exceeding budget. The reality of today’s economy is that most public safety agencies must ensure they make the most of their resources— to increase productivity and manage budgets wisely. The key is to have the most efficient, cost-effective processes possible, and new technology can be a real asset in that respect. Streamlined workflow, data sharing across multiple sites, tracking assets, reduced errors, and increased efficiency are just a few of the advantages that Provista’s PR*VIDE suite of software products can offer your agency.

Because of the depth of our experience in public safety, we provide a powerful, integrated, suite of software designed specifically to meet your Asset track, Inventory, Work Order, Fleet Maintenance and Evidence Management needs. Each capability is totally integrated, together with in-built capabilities to develop interfaces between PR*VIDE and your other systems – creating a comprehensive public safety solution for your agency.

The PR*VIDE asset management tools suite of software is scalable – ranging from small to very large agency requirements. Depending upon your particular requirements, PR*VIDE can either provide a shrink-wrap, off the shelf, stand-alone solution or a customized integrated solution.


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