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Evidence Management Features and Functions

Evidence Management Features

Start Center

Your own Action Portal to address the things that need your attention. Configured for each Role or Individual, it highlights items that are at the top of your to-do list, and areas that present risk. It also displays KPI status if desired.

Never need to Sync again

No need to sync, because you are connected to the main database in real time. What you see is what everyone else sees. What you do, everyone else can have access to – here and now. As long as you can get an internet connection, you are on-line. That’s one of the many evidence management features in PR*VIDE.

PR*VIDE never was a client-server based system, so there’s no need to migrate from old technology. For the IT people, under the hood is current SOA technology based on J2EE applications. Where we provide disconnected capabilities, we use .NET

Chain of Custody

If PR*VIDE did not feature an iron-clad chain of custody, it wouldn’t be offered to you as a solution. If it couldn’t, it wouldn’t - that’s one of the basic tenants and one of the most important evidence management features. But it does, of course.

Browser-based is not an option – it’s all browser based

Building on current technology brings many advantages. All good solutions in this field should offer browser-based solutions as standard, as PR*VIDE does, but PR*VIDE brings even more.

If you can connect to your home network, you have full capability – wherever you are.  That means FULL capability. Everything you do from your desk can be done in the field.

There’s Mobility, then there’s PR*VIDE mobility

Still working with that complicated CE-based scanner or PDA? You know, the ones that need software and data loaded, updated and maintained? Still tied to the PC that has your system loaded on it?

Now you can take it all anywhere – with PR*VIDE. It’s an important part of its evidence management features. All your PR*VIDE functions are available on your low-cost tablet. With the integrated camera and a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth key fob barcode scanner, you have it all.

No more complicated scanner devices that need to synch. You take your lightweight, full capability with you. Finally, off the leash.

No More Modules.

It’s all here and fully integrated. Evidence Collection and Evidence Management.

Extend your reach

Evidence Collection via PR*VIDE Access for Evidence is straightforward. You have to collect the information anyway, so why not just collect it once and use it many times? A voucher for the site, an evidence submission report, evidence labels - they are all available at the site using equipment you probably already have. And, the Chain of Custody starts at the scene of the incident.

The Property Officer doesn’t have to reenter all the data, It just needs confirming. The evidence management features makes the Property Officer’s job easier. If you have network access, you can use the MDT or your Tablet. Without network access, you simply use PR*VIDE for Evidence Disconnected mode. Everything is stored, and as soon as the device connects to the network, data is transferred to the central database. You can even use a Memory stick to accomplish the same.

With a portable barcode printer, you have all your evidence labels at the site. A printer to handle standard paper will give you the vouchers and reports you need to provide, right there and then.

Very low maintenance

If you can connect to your network, you have access to all of the real-time system, from wherever you are and at any time, day or night. There are no restrictive seat licenses to tie you to a particular machine or location. And, of course, no installation effort on the client, leading to lower support costs.

Always reachable

Because PR*VIDE for Evidence is all web browser based, you can get to the system from any network-attached browser. Actions can be workflow and email-enabled, so the system will notify you of items that require your attention.


If an electronic file is associated with an evidence item, or the evidence item actually is an electronic file, just “attach” it to the evidence record. It’s that simple.

If you currently cold store it on a computer, you can store it in PR*VIDE.

Associated Users – the full team

There are often many individuals who want or need access to information from your Evidence Management system.

Some need to view online information, others want regular reports.

You can decide who has access. Again, it’s simple. They need three things:

  1. Permission to obtain the information they request – that’s an internal question
  2. Access to the system and a browser, capability they probably already have
  3. A PR*VIDE license to do it, and that’s what the PR*VIDE ROAR license is all about. It gives secured, read-only access based on security and role settings. And, they get a personalized Start Center, their Action Portal, and access to all reports.

Extend your system to the Courts and DA Office, to the Labs, and to those who officially touch evidence. Do it simply and securely.

PR*VIDE Evidence – built for Evidence Management, not other general “stuff”

We recognize that Evidence Collection and Management are a unique form of Asset Management. As such, we decided not to squeeze a specialty into a general box, but to develop a dedicated capability different from our Public Safety Asset Management system – PR*VIDE Pro. With the complexities of this function and the importance of Chain of Custody tracking, you need a dedicated solution built specifically for this job instead of a barcoding document or file management system.

Access Control

Security and access control are vital in any system, especially for Evidence Management. PR*VIDE has multiple layers of access control that can be applied, but they have to be. Every person is a member of at least one Security Group. A Security Group or Role has an array of functions that the role can access. As a member, you have those capabilities. A user can belong to multiple Security Groups.

In addition, use of individual functions can be granted or revoked. This goes down to field level on a screen – whether you can view it, update it or even see it, is configurable.

Location, location, location

Any Evidence Management system must be able to track multiple locations. Some will be real physical locations; some will be “holding” locations such as In Transit or County Court. Others will be segregated or in restricted locations such as storage for Firearms or Narcotics, which may be physically separate or exist as a location within another location. Whatever the arrangement, you must be able to manage multiple locations simultaneously and with visibility across all. That includes groups managing thirty or more evidence rooms across a State.


Garbage In, Garbage Out. While you might end up with actual garbage as an item of evidence, this is different. If the information entered is not to standards, then getting the information out in a search or report is extremely difficult. That’s why as much information as possible, in terms of classifying Evidence Items and People, is based on standard tables already loaded into PR*VIDE. By utilizing NCIC table data as reference points, standard descriptions and classifications can be used. This. in turn, makes it easier to put good information in with reduced effort and increased accuracy. While most people focus on collecting information, the objective is to be able to easily retrieve quality information out of a system.

Active Directory

PR*VIDE already includes this capability as one of the secure sign-on / authentication methods offered as standard.

No such thing as a Desktop Client

The PR*VIDE applications are built in a Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), n-tiered component architecture with PV Access built on a .NET platform. It is one of the few major J2EE-certified applications. This is the standard for developing multi-tier enterprise applications.

The underlying solution was built from the ground up in a true Web Architecture, with a non-proprietary, standards-based technology framework.

Developers Tools Included, batteries not!

PR*VIDE is unique in the Asset Management arena in terms of the support and Development tools supplied with the solution. Everything is here for you to further develop PR*VIDE to suit your needs.  We offer advanced Technical training via IBM and other specialized suppliers. Every implementation includes all of the following:

  • Easy-to-use Application Designer
  • Integrated Database Configuration Tool
  • Configurable role-based User Interfaces
  • Real-time KPI-based dashboards
  • Configurable graphics
  • Powerful Escalation Engine
  • Easy-to-use Workflow Builder
  • Standardized workflow engine

All of these are included as standard.

Proactive and Reactive Information Retrieval (Reporting)

Most data retrieval is reactive – you ask a question and you receive an answer. PR*VIDE has many ways in which it can satisfy this requirement.

Search / Advanced Search – From every List screen you can make a subset of records and/or sort those records according to the fields on that screen. You can then review those records individually or as a batch. Advanced Search provides you with multi-field ad-hoc search capability using complete text or partial values. This feature supports all standard QBE selection parameters. Once created, these Queries can be saved and even made “public” so that others may use them, too. They can be scheduled to run at given times and intervals, with output also emailed to individuals or to a distribution list. That output can be in Excel, PDF or CSV format.

Ad Hoc Reporting – From every screen, you can enter this powerful reporting tool. Existing reports can be either scheduled or run interactively. Advanced formatting and record selection can be made to modify or create additional reports. Multiple output formats are again available.

BIRT Reports – More traditional “canned” reports are also available. BIRT reporting is a tool reserved for the advanced report developer. Powerful in capability, it can be complex in development, allowing reports as detailed or specific as you require..

TFORMer Developer – An advanced WIYSIWYG form, report, and barcode label development tool is an optional additional capability if you prefer to design your own Forms. Give us your old ones and we’ll help you design better replacements.

And, PR*VIDE is again unique in that it includes a proactive data retrieval format –

Start Center - By developing a series of queries to determine actions that need completion, conditions requiring action, and the KPIs associated with these, you have a special Home Page to act as your decision portal. It brings to the forefront the items you have determined should get your attention if they occur. The information comes to you, and it’s not just for evidence professionals but the entire Agency via PR*VIDE ROAR.

Disposition – the end game and the real bottleneck

PR*VIDE includes a systematic review process to ensure each item of property and evidence is evaluated for possible purge. This can be run at any time, and be based on an elapsed period of time, or completion of all legal and departmental mandates. By tying together the included workflow engine with email or PR*VIDE ROAR, evidence due for disposition review are sent to the Case Officer for decisions on action or resetting reminder dates.

Disposition via all standard means and methods is available in the system with the ability, given the authority, to execute approved variations.

Select rather than type

Drop down values, master files, and lookups are used wherever possible, for two reasons.

Why enter information that is standard and used time and time again? Save the effort.

More important is data quality. By selecting from a value list, the value is always spelled the same way, same letters and punctuation every time. A misspelled word means something just got lost. It will never turn up in the selection you wanted.

And virtually every “Code” in the system can be printed out as a Barcode, and so can be attached to an item for reference and scanning. It’s just one more of the evidence management features in PR*VIDE.


Because of the way PR*VIDE is built, the same solution can be used by the smallest or largest organization. These evidence management features are available to all.

It caters for all the shelves and bins in a location, and all the locations in the jurisdiction, no matter how many.

Front and Back Office

PR*VIDE addresses both Evidence Collection and Evidence Management. Both are essential parts of the process, and both groups need each other to do the best job possible. PR*VIDE gives you that.