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PR*VIDE Evidence Overview

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Evidence must always be handled meticulously.

Finally, there is an Evidence Management and Collection System that takes the best that previous systems had to offer and brings it all together into one comprehensive solution.

No more “optional modules” – the best is included as standard.

Built using both .NET and Java technologies, PR*VIDE software brings the most appropriate technology to bear on this vital area of Management. You get the tools you need to be the best.

Extending the capabilities of evidence collection in the field, PR*VIDE gives you Voucher / Receipt production and Evidence / Currency Tag printing capability right there where the Chain of Custody starts. You don’t even need a network connection.

The evidence data has already been loaded and is available to officers to include in their reports – no more double or triple entry. And now, evidence personnel can do their job – matching and qualifying Evidence with the Officer’s input. Time is spent doing specialist duties – not data entry.

Attachments, bar codes, fast and simple data extraction for reports, simple and safe movement management, all from a browser. It’s all there as standard; it has the Best of the Best.

If you want to extend access to others in the Chain of Custody, or to those involved with the case, simply add them to your system as a User and grant them appropriate access. That’s it. No “optional modules”.

Will the system be able to handle an Agency with thousands of officers? Of course – if it couldn’t, it wouldn’t be the best.

When it comes to evidence management, it’s all there, too. Identifying what’s available for action; the process to approve that action; selection for disposition; scheduling that action and executing on it are all managed with control and ease. Decision information is continuously being delivered to your own personal StartCenter. PR*VIDE delivers information about Evidence and Cases that either require your attention or action directly to your “console view,” your own StartCenter. Need access while in the warehouse, or out in the lot? Just grab that tablet and Bluetooth scanner (the size of a key fob) and you have all you need. Your entire system on the go, and it’s lightweight, too.

No longer do you spend your time trying to find out what needs to be done. PR*VIDE tells you. It becomes your guide in being pro-active, from the moment evidence is collected through to the timely and appropriate disposition. All along, it maintains records beyond disposal for audit purposes.

Security is there, too. Role-based access with functionality all the way down to field level if you want it, and any entry or change can be audited.

PR*VIDE is a solution to protect Evidence, protect the parties associated with that Evidence, and protect you, the guardian of the evidence. You’ve just found the Best of the Best.

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