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Definition of Staff Augmentation (from Wikipedia): Staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy which is used to staff a project and respond to business objectives. The technique consists of evaluating the existing staff and then determining which additional skills are required. One possible advantage of this approach is that it may leverage existing resources as well as utilize outsourced services and contract workers.


One of the challenges that many organizations face when it comes to IT talent is the never-ending struggle to retain and train application experts and the lack of internal resources when you need them.

Obtaining hard-to-find skilled IT professionals who can deliver quality application development and management with minimal training is a challenge facing businesses around the world. With software applications supporting and often transforming business processes, ensuring that those applications are managed effectively and continually is critical.  After all, you want the best asset tracking software experts you can find. It’s not uncommon for companies to augment their in-house skills with external IT talent working under their direction and guidance. Many IT organizations seek the flexibility to obtain resources when and where needed, and want the ability to “gear up” for projects requiring specialized application skills that don’t exist or can’t be leveraged internally. That is where Provista can help.

Provista’s PR*DIGY Staff Augmentation services provides skilled IT personnel to work under your direction, helping you develop, maintain, manage and support your business critical applications.

Staff augmentation offerings:

While our primary focus is on IBM technologies, we often provide Staff Augmentation in many other disciplines, so please contact us if you don’t see your needs listed.  Provista’s PR*DIGY Staff Augmentation services include:

  • Enterprise Asset Management, including the Maximo Asset Management System
  • Tivoli Storage, Tivoli Automation, Tivoli Security
  • Information Management, including DB2 and Informix
  • Enterprise Content Management, including FileNet
  • Business Analytics, including Cognos and SPSS (and IBI’s FOCUS and WebFOCUS)
  • Rational
  • WebSphere
  • Lotus Messaging & Collaboration, Lotus Portal, and Lotus Social Software
  • Legacy languages, including COBOL, PLI and many others
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