Provista Public Safety Solutions

Provista Public Safety Solutions

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Provista’s PR*VIDE Evidence is an innovative end-to-end asset management system devised specifically to meet the needs of Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies who gather, assess, and preserve property and evidence for presentation in court.

It carefully tracks the chain of custody (CoC) and satisfies procedural, regulatory and judicial requirements at all levels with a secure, traceable, and unbreakable CoC from the moment an item of evidence is collected in the field, processed and presented through its lifecycle, all the way to its return or final disposal. IBM Maximo provides the platform for the solution and with Maximo’s reputation for scalable reliability, it’s a great decision for your department. Add to that, it’s a recognized IBM Smarter Cities Solution developed byan award-winning IBM Premier Business Partner, Provista.


  • Solution devised specifically for the life-cycle property and evidence management
  • Detailed chain of custody record from collection to final disposal
  • Increased visibility for certainty in court
  • Protects Property Room staff from unfair accusations
  • Facilitates compliance with legal and regulatory requirement

Pr*vide (Provide) logo image on Provista Public Safety Solutions page at Provista

Comprehensive, flexible and focused on public safety needs for accurate and reliable solutions, Provista’s PR*VIDE product suite is that and more.  Our unique, industry leading solution gives Federal, State and Local organizations like police, sheriff, firefighters, and other first responders the visibility they need about their distributed assets, wherever they are and whatever condition they are in.  With PR*VIDE, they can be confident that in high-pressure situations, the right equipment will be there in the right place and under the right management.  Individual modules, powered by IBM’s Maximo, deliver accurate & actionable knowledge about assets, inventory, and fleets which enable organizations to cut costs, improve transparency, raise effectiveness, and increase efficiency.


  • Solution specifically targeted for public safety sector
  • Facilitates compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Increased visibility of status and disposition of assets
  • Delivers transparent, auditable information
  • Detailed insights enable effective asset management, increasing efficiency, productivity, responsiveness and cost savings.
  • Helps reduce crime and increase officer and community safety

All offered with design, implementation, support and training as a truly scalable enterprise-wide solution by Provista – Exactly What You Had in Mind™

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