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State and Local Government procurement can be difficult. Whether you work at the State or the Municipal level, government procurement is a tough job.  Trying to bring in the items your department needs to do its job is hard enough. Trying to do it faster than ever and under budget can be overwhelming.  That’s where Provista can help.

There are three key factors to streamlining procurement at any level of government. For example, a software solution.

  1. Knowing the right solution. A software solution is an investment, not only in terms of the cost of procurement, but also in the learning curve of the people using it. That’s why it’s so important to select the right solution the first time. No agency wants to spend time and money only to learn later the system they invest so heavily in doesn’t perform the job to expectations.
  2. A pre-negotiated buying vehicle.  The most efficient way to make a purchase is to know the total cost up-front. Haggling and negotiating are time-consuming activities, with an uncertain outcome.  A pre-negotiated buying vehicle saves precious time by leveraging a negotiation that has already been settled.  The price is known ahead of time, speeding up the entire process of getting that solution in place. 
  3. A team with knowledge and experience. Learning a new system from the ground up can be a painful process. It’s time-consuming, complicated, and filled with potential for errors. Nobody wants to be forever stuck with a bad database structure decision made early in the process because a person was new to the software.  With experienced professional guidance, these kinds of mistakes can easily be avoided.

In the state of California, we have access to several special programs, including:

  • CMAS – Prices for non-IT services and information technology products at pre-negotiated prices already assessed to be fair, competitive, and reasonable. Provista’s CMAS contract number is 3-07-70-1428B.
  • CA SLP – This software licensing program offers discounts with major software publishers, and those discounts are passed on to the state. Provista’s CA SLP contract number is SLP-08-70-0077C.
  • CalPERS – CalPERS makes use of a pool of pre-qualified vendors to meet information technology-related services and products.  Provista is a member of the preferred vendor pool.

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