Public Safety

safety_webWhen the safety of the public is in your hands, it’s a big responsibility. Provista understands this, and that’s why we offer PR*VIDE solutions, built on IBM’s Maximo, for evidence management and asset management.

No public safety agency wants to end up on the news because they had an evidence-handling mishap or because critical assets have gone missing. Provista is standing by, ready to help upgrade an existing system or implement a new system. We’ll integrate it with your existing business software, manage the entire implementation process, and more:

  • We lead you through the implementation process.
  • We migrate your data.
  • We integrate the new system with existing systems.
  • We train your staff.
  • We augment your staff where you don’t have human resources to fill a role.
  • We provide first or second level post-implementation support for your users.

Our solutions for Asset Management and for Evidence Management are truly scalable and will fit Public Safety Organizations at the Federal, State, and Local level. They make an ideal way to adapt the wide variety of technology we have at our disposal as an IBM Premier Business Partner.  Provista knows how to deliver for Public Safety Agencies. And we have Federal and State contracts to make your procurement easier and faster.

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